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The Gold Medal Guide to Olympic & Paralympic Marketing*

*when you aren’t an official partner 

Learn how you can capitalize on the world’s largest sporting event. 

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The 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics are fast approaching.

As a marketer, you may be wondering: how can I tap into the excitement of these global sporting events, even if I'm not an official sponsor?

Great question. You can absolutely capitalize on Olympic and Paralympic fever by partnering with elite women athletes on their journeys to Paris 2024 and beyond - and it might even be easier than you think.


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What are the rules - especially Rule 40? 

Rule 40 protects official sponsors, but leaves room for brands like yours to benefit from partnering with Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls and participants. You just need to avoid overt Olympic and Paralympic references in marketing during the Games window. 

Fortunately, there are so many creative ways to highlight your alignment with inspiring women chasing their dreams without infringing on Rule 40. You can focus on the training journey, life outside of sport, and other powerful stories to captivate audiences rather than getting caught up in Olympic trademarks you can't legally use as a non-sponsor.

Check out our full breakdown of Rule 40 or download our kit for marketers. You'll learn how to work within the bounds so you avoid penalties.

Is my brand a good fit for Olympic & Paralympic Marketing? 

Partnering with elite women athletes can benefit all kinds of brands that want to reach new audiences in an authentic way. You can expect to: 

  • Connect with a broader consumer base
  • Get more young people excited about your brand
  • Stand for women's advancement and inspirational stories
  • Align your brand with strength, perseverance, and achievement
  • Inspire both your customers and your own employees

If those sound like things you want for your brand, it’s a good fit. 

Olympic and Paralympic partnerships are not just for big sports brands - women athletes and their journeys captivate all kinds of consumers which gives your brand the chance to engage both existing and new audiences.

Let their journeys captivate your customers and you’ll reap the benefits.
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How do I create a successful campaign?

Campaigns that highlight the adversity athletes must overcome, the years of effort that go into pursuing Olympic and Paralympic dreams, and the athlete’s personality can be some of the most impactful. Telling the story behind the sport captivates audiences.

Our team can help you identify athlete partnerships that align with your brand values and marketing goals. You’ll want to develop multi-phase campaigns that resonate with audiences by authentically showcasing not just the athlete's achievements, but her powerful story. Check out our detailed checklist and timeline to know exactly what you need to do over the next year. 

The key ingredients are:

Starting early

Focusing on the full athlete journey instead of just the Games

Selecting partnerships strategically

Continuing to highlight your athletes long after the Games are over
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When can I run my campaign?

One of the biggest benefits of sponsoring Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls is that it allows for year-round storytelling and marketing activations, instead of being confined to the short duration of the Games themselves. Rule 40 applies only during the specific Games window surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic events.

You can maximize partnership value by planning dynamic campaigns that engage audiences in the months leading up to the Games, properly navigate the restrictions during the Games window, and have the flexibility to extend beyond the Closing Ceremony. Your brand can benefit from Olympians and Paralympians long after the world's eyes are off the Games because fans are always watching their favorite athletes.

Want some specific examples of recent campaigns? Our recent webinar highlights when, where, and how brands have activated. 

How much budget do I need?  

The great news is that you don’t need the marketing budget of an Official Olympic Partner to run a high-impact campaign. By partnering with individual athletes, you can build a flexible and bespoke plan to meet all of your brand goals and constraints.

Our team can help you maximize impact while minimizing additional work on your plate. We can do everything from athlete selection to managing full-scale integrated campaigns. Let's have an open conversation about your budget goals and constraints and we will create a custom plan that delivers value. Partnering with women athletes can fit into almost any marketing budget if done strategically.

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How do I find Olympic & Paralympic athletes to partner with? 

We've got you covered! Parity’s network of more than 1,000 women athletes contains stars on the rise and established champions across sports. Tell us your goals, and we'll suggest a perfect match based on your brand values, campaign objectives, and target audiences.

Our athletes are not only outstanding competitive performers but also powerful brand ambassadors with stories that captivate. We'll set you up with phenomenal women who will represent your brand authentically.

Potential talent used for illustrative purposes only. 

Join brands like these in tapping into the power, popularity, and reach of pro women athletes

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