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Navigating Rule 40 with Parity

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With the Paris 2024 Summer Games approaching, there's a golden opportunity for your brand to shine. At Parity, we've cracked the code to Olympic and Paralympic marketing success - including how to navigate IOC Rule 40. Wondering how your brand can tap into the excitement without breaking the rules?

Rule 40 is the key to playing fair in the marketing arena during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. While it protects official sponsors, it also opens doors for brands like yours to team up with elite women athletes, sharing their inspiring stories without infringing on trademark restrictions. 


Non-Olympic/Paralympic Partner brands must abide by the IOC Rule 40 and IPC Athlete Image Policy when including current Olympic/ Paralympic athletes in their advertising campaigns. Advanced permissions are required depending on the type of campaign and if it falls within the Games Enforcement Period.


BRANDS: Generic Advertising

Brands may run campaigns using athletes within the following guidelines: 

  • Can occur during the Games Period
  • All marketing channels
  • Campaign cannot be associated with the Games and cannot escalate during the Games Period
  • No correlation between enhancing athletic performance for the Games
  • Should never include Olympic/Paralympic properties
BRANDS: Athlete Recognition Marketing

Brands may celebrate athlete successes within the following guidelines: 

  • Prohibited during the Games Period
  • Limited to social media
  • Message should remain generic and not Games-specific
  • No correlation between enhancing athletic performance for the Games
  • Should never include Olympic/Paralympic properties
ATHLETES: Marketing for Non-Partners

Athletes may recognize non-partner brands and sponsors within the following guidelines: 

  • May only acknowledge Non-Partner brands once during the Games Period
  • Avoid product endorsement or correlation to enhanced athletic performance
  • Never include Olympic/Paralympic properties



Non-Games related marketing campaigns must launch at least 90 days prior to the Games Period:

  • Olympics: April 18
  • Paralympics: May 20

Permission request deadlines:

  • Olympics: June 18
  • Paralympics: July 20

Games enforcement Period:

  • Olympics: July 18 - August 13
  • Paralympics: August 20 - September 10

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