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The Gold Medal Guide to Olympic & Paralympic Marketing 


Learn how you can capitalize on the world’s largest sporting event.  

The fastest path to the podium? Reach all the right audiences with a unique content series powered by Parity & Front Office Sports.
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The 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics are fast approaching.

As a marketer, you may be wondering: how can I tap into the excitement of these global sporting events, even if I'm not an official sponsor?

You can capitalize on Olympic and Paralympic fever by partnering with elite women athletes on their journeys to Paris 2024 and beyond.

Get this essential guide and find out:

  • What are the rules for Olympic & Paralympic Marketing - especially Rule 40?
  • Is my brand a good fit for Olympic & Paralympic Marketing?
  • How do I create a successful campaign?
  • When can I run my campaign?
  • How much budget do I need?  
  • How do I find Olympic & Paralympic athletes to partner with?

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Join brands like these in tapping into the power, popularity, and reach of pro women athletes